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Rebirth premiers my new earthy sculptures exploring the beauty and awe of nature, even in its state of deceased. The abundance of fallen natural specimens in Miami combined with my love of found natural objects, presents a special opportunity to celebrate "rubbish droppings" by bringing these hand picked pieces back to life. 

It's an artistic hunt for all things fallen...into the streets, the mangroves, the forest, the alleyways, and the beach. Nature never disappoints and neither the human eye. Seeing beauty within the cobwebbed, crab laden mangroves is a day full of mystery. What will I see...can I rescue it? 

My inspiration comes from farming at an early age in PA, to gardening with my mother, a master gardener, and the many years we spent together pruning, planting, and nurturing in NY, NJ and GA.

Rebirth encourages the viewer to linger with the piece contemplating its place within the natural cycles of life and now the adorned afterlife.


Miami based sculptor and environmentalist, Robin Ruiz, has been honing her skills uniting natural elements with her artistic vision for the past several years. Originally a graphic designer graduating from Pratt Institute and working in the NYC fashion industry, she then transitioned into the construction world in NJ. From 2D to 3D the transition employed her skillset to take the mundane, redesign and construct both interiors and exteriors. She blended her love of construction and design with outdoor landscape and hardscape to capture the beauty of all seasons.


Since moving to Miami in 2016, her past work up north, brought her eye to the extreme differences in plant life and terrain in the south. Her sculptures created from fallen and found natural elements combined with glass remnants yield life to what was once perceived deceased. The artist believes her sculptures represent harmony, reconstruction, rebirth, and interference. All this can produce unpredictable wondrous results. The new lifespan of the adorned sculptures is always unknown, just as humans endure this same reality.

Robin Ruiz presents the beautiful shapes of each fallen piece through a proliferation of texture, color and light. Her pieces demonstrate the power of nature as symbols of resilience, allure, and strength. 

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